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Livestock monitoring system

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How long does it take you to find out about equipment or power failures that cause life threatening conditions like rising/falling air temperatures, poor ventilation, high CO2 levels and high humidity — especially when you are off-site?

Swine, poultry, cattle and other animals require optimal living conditions to stay healthy and maximize your yield. Equipment failures like circulation fans, ventilation systems, heaters and air conditioners threaten their health and can quickly spell disaster if not fixed right away. Sensaphone systems monitor the entire livestock environment 24/7, and alert you by phone if any condition falls outside of a preset parameter so you can respond quickly.

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How to configure the system GTalarm2

Part1. GTalarm2 configuration. Smart home automation UPC: 99989897969062

Part2. GTalarm2 configuration. Smart home automation UPC: 99989897969062

Email: zivile@topkodas.lt
Model: GTalarm v2
UPC: 99989897969062
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