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Various types of sensors could be used with the module GTalarm2. It is possible to connect to the module GTalarm2 on any web-enabled device to see you sensor data, set alarms, customize text alerts, etc. Types of sensors:

  • The Temperature and Humidity Sensor is used to measure atmospheric temperature and humidity in indoor environments. Useful in server and clean rooms, humidors, museums, industrial spaces, greenhouses, and heating and ventilation applications.
  • The Temperature (Thermistor) is used to measure temperature in freezers, HVAC units, on pipes and in liquids.
  • The Motion Detection Sensor is used to detect movement within a specific area. Motion detection sensors are frequently used in security and energy management applications, among others.
  • The Dry Contact Sensor is used to detect the opening of a door. Useful in warehouses, real estate, cottages, second homes.
  • The 4-20ma current sensor is used to measure the current in sensors, probes or other devices.
  • The 0-10 volt sensor is used to accurately measure charge - or voltage - for up to 10 Volts across two wires. Useful for measuring output from a variety of sensors, probes and devices.

It is possible to control devices, connected to the outputs of the module GTalarm2. For example:

  • Set the HVAC system to the minimum or maximum airflow.
  • Control automatic gates.
  • Turn ON or OFF heating device.

How to configure the system GTalarm2

Part1. GTalarm2 configuration. Smart home automation UPC: 99989897969062

Part2. GTalarm2 configuration. Smart home automation UPC: 99989897969062

Email: zivile@topkodas.lt
Model: GTalarm v2
UPC: 99989897969062

Temperature, humidity control, monitoring solution